LUNCH MENU Poblanos Mexican Cuisine.



Filling Choices: shredded beef/shredded pork/shredded chicken/vegetarian/beans/cheese

1/2 Quesadilla with soup.
1/2 Quesadilla with salad.
1/2 Quesadilla, rice, and beans.
1 Sope, enchilada, and soup or rice and beans.
Mini chimi, taco, rice, and beans.
Two enchiladas with rice and beans.
Two flautas with rice and beans.
Taco and enchilada with rice and beans.

Pick 2 items.
(gluten-free dough)

Sope (corn patty)
Tamale (steamed dough filled with pork, chicken, or vegetarian)
Mini Chimi
Flauta (deep-fried corn taco)
1/2 Quesadilla

Served with your choice of refried beans, charro beans, or Mexican rice.
Served with sour cream, pico de gallo, and tortillas of your choice.

Add guacamole: $1.00
Chicken or Steak $9.99
Shrimp $11.99
Trio $12.99

Huevos Rancheros
Two sunny side up eggs on top of fried tortillas, topped with ranchera sauce, queso fresco, and sour cream. Served with rice and refried beans. $7.99

Steak and Eggs
5 oz. thin steak on a bed of grilled onions and two eggs of your choice. Served with one side of your choice and tortillas. $10.99

Two enchiladas filled with your choice of protein, topped with runny beans, sour cream, queso fresco, and your choice of one side. $6.99

Huevos Divorciados
Two eggs on a fried tortilla topped with half ranchera and half tomatillo sauce. Served with rice and beans. $7.99

Bacon Eggdilla
Two tortillas filled with cheese, scrambled eggs, and bacon with your choice of one side. $8.99

Express Lunch
Two eggs cooked to order, one side, and toasted Mexican bread. $5.99

Build your own/choose your own filling with Monterey Jack cheese.
Add 25¢ for extra fillings (bacon, grilled veggies,guacamole, bell pepper, poblanos, carrots, tomatoes) $6.99

Swiss Enchiladas
Two Enchiladas filled with your choice of protein, topped with homemade tomatillo sauce and sour cream. Served with rice and two eggs of your choice $7.99

Poblanos Breakfast Burrito
Flour tortillas filled with scrambled eggs, chorizo, potatoes, and black beans, topped with melted cheese. $7.99

Fried gluten-free corn tortilla chips, tossed in guajillo sauce, topped with sour cream, queso fresco, pico, and two eggs of your choice. Served with one side. $7.99

Chicken & Cheese Rice
Pulled chicken on a bed of rice topped with queso dip and two tortillas. $7.99

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